Returning the Youthful Fullness to the Cheeks — the Midface Lift

Cosmetic / Aesthetic ProceduresThe midface is an essential component of an attractive face. As we age, the fatty tissue that normally drapes over the cheekbones begins to sag. This is because we lose fat in our face as we age. With this change the cheekbones become less prominent and the nasolabial folds between the nose and the cheeks become more pronounced. A side effect of this sagging in the cheeks is that the bagginess of the lower eyelids also becomes more pronounced without the fullness of the cheeks to counter it.

This is where a midface lift with Dr. Shams comes in. The mid-face is the area between the outer corners of the eyes down to the outer corners of the mouth. A midface lift repositions the sagging fat and tissues of the cheeks over the cheekbones to restore fullness to the cheeks.

What is addressed with a midface lift?

One sign of youth is fullness in our cheeks and a rounder face. As we age and that fat and skin descends, our faces become thinner and appear longer. The goal of a midface lift is to address the soft tissues located over the cheek that drop with age.

This is different than a “regular facelift,” which usually improves the jowl/lower jawline and upper neck area.

How it is done

Dr. Shams can make the incisions needed for a midface lift in a few different locations, depending on your individual situation. Incisions can be made in the temple area within the hairline, outside the eyelids, inside the upper lip on each side of the mouth, or at the front or back of the lower eyelids. The skin and underlying tissues are then elevated and tightened. By lifting and tightening these structures the lower eyelid and cheek will have a more youthful, fuller appearance. Hollowness under the eyes is lessened and the nasolabial fold is reduced.

It’s important to anchor the cheek tissue once it has been elevated. There are options including suture material that dissolves in six months and resorbable anchors.


Recovery from a midface lift is not particularly painful. There can be some swelling in the cheeks for a week or so, and full results won’t show themselves until all the tissues have completely settled into their new positions, which can require up to three months.

Interested in getting your youthful cheeks back? Call Dr. Shams and let’s discuss a midface lift.

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