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Dealing with Ectropion

Dealing with Ectropion

In another blog post, entropion was discussed, an eye condition where the lid involuntarily turns inward. The opposite is ectropion when the eyelid involuntarily turns outward. When a person has ectropion, the condition prevents tears from draining from the eye correctly, resulting in irritation. Causes of ectropion The normal process of aging is the usual… Read More »

Correcting an Eyelid Turning the Wrong Way

Correcting an Eyelid Turning the Wrong Way

Due to various causes, a person’s eyelid can turn the wrong way. In some cases the eyelid “turns in”. In others it “turns outward.” These conditions can lead to pain, irritation, and problems with tear drainage. Dr. Shams can correct both of these eyelid conditions with surgery. Entropion Entropion is the term for when the… Read More »

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We have a facial nerve that stretches down each side of the face. These nerves allow us to laugh, smile, frown, and open and close our eyelids. Sometimes facial paralysis occurs when a person is Keep Reading ►
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