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Miss Shams is a full-time Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, specialising in the management of eyelid, lacrimal and orbital disorders. She qualified from Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital school of Medicine in London, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy. She undertook Ophthalmic Surgical training in London, including Moorfields Eye Hospital, and advanced subspecialty training in Canada, Australia, UK and the USA. Miss Shams’ clinical practice includes a comprehensive repertoire of oculoplastic, reconstructive and lacrimal surgery and cosmetic eyelid and periocular surgery. In addition to her clinical practice, she contributes to clinical research in her field; publishing and reviewing for peer-reviewed journals, mentors and supervises ophthalmic trainees and medical students, and regularly participates in national and international conferences.

Posts by Dr Pari Shams:

Facial Nerve Palsy London W1G 9HT

Dealing with Bell’s Palsy

We have a facial nerve that stretches down each side of the face. These nerves allow us to laugh, smile, frown, and open and close our eyelids. Sometimes facial paralysis occurs when a person is unable to move all or some of the muscles usually on one side of the face. There can be various… Read More »

Dry Eyes London W1G 9HT

Your Eyes Shouldn’t Be Dry

Dry eye sounds so innocuous. So your eyes are a little dry and itchy. Maybe you’re just a little dehydrated, right? Wrong. While the dry eye is a common condition, it needs to be properly diagnosed and treated before it can impact your vision. What is a dry eye? Dry eye is a condition where… Read More »

Blepharitis London W1G

When Your Eyelids Are Inflamed — Blepharitis

When your eyelids are red, itchy, and even swollen, it’s standard first to think you’re just having a little hay-fever or have come across some pet dander. But that’s not usually what’s behind the problem. More likely it’s blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids. Dr. Shams can get you on a treatment regimen that ends… Read More »

Eyelid Cancer Surgery West London

The Advantages of Using Mohs Surgery

Dr. Shams performs various surgeries to help patients overcome different problems with their eyelids. These can range from surgery to correct entropion, an eye condition where the eyelid turns inward, to treating skin cancer on the eyelid. If there is the suspicion of skin cancer affecting an eyelid or facial skin near to the eye,… Read More »

Dry Eyes London W1G

Dealing with Dry Eye

The dry eye seems like nothing more than a temporary problem based on things such as maybe being dehydrated or being out on a windy day or something like that. Dry eye is a condition in which the eyes are insufficiently lubricated, leading to itching, redness, and pain. The cause is usually tear production —… Read More »

Repairing an Orbital Fracture

Obviously, breaking or cracking the bones of the eye socket is serious. This can be the result of a car accident, a sports injury, a fall, and various other reasons. An orbital fracture can affect your sight, or it can make the eye appear more recessed, dictating a cosmetic reason for surgery. Dr. Shams has… Read More »

Dealing with Ectropion

In another blog post, entropion was discussed, an eye condition where the lid involuntarily turns inward. The opposite is ectropion when the eyelid involuntarily turns outward. When a person has ectropion, the condition prevents tears from draining from the eye correctly, resulting in irritation. Causes of ectropion The normal process of aging is the usual… Read More »

Thyroid Eye Disease

In autoimmune conditions, the body’s immune system attacks different areas of the body. In thyroid eye disease (TED), the body attacks the tissues of the thyroid gland and the eye socket. This causes the eyes to be pushed forward and for the eyelids to open too far. While in minor instances TED can cause red,… Read More »

Chalazion — a cyst in the Eyelid

If you woke up this morning with a new lump on your eyelid it is most likely to be a chalazion. There are other words that can be used to describe this condition, such as an eyelid cyst, meibomian gland cyst or eyelid stye. There are different ways to address chalazions and Dr. Shams is… Read More »

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Dealing with Bell’s Palsy

We have a facial nerve that stretches down each side of the face. These nerves allow us to laugh, smile, frown, and open and close our eyelids. Sometimes facial paralysis occurs when a person is Keep Reading ►
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My NHS practice is based at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. I consult private patients at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, Weymouth Street Hospital, Phoenix Hospital Group Outpatient Centre and The Harley Street Clinic.