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When the Tears Won’t Stop

When the Tears Won’t Stop

Everything about our eyes is complex, even the method in which they maintain moisture — tears. Usually, the eyes have just enough tear fluid continually passing through them to keep them wet. But some very young children appear to be constantly awash in tears, and they have nothing to do with any emotional causes. What… Read More »

Stopping Excess Tearing

Stopping Excess Tearing

Tears have an important job — lubricating, nourishing, and protecting the front of the eye. But their path, from origin across the eye and then out through the nasal passage, is a long one and has numerous spots when the flow can become disrupted. When this happens there in an overflow of tears, clinically called… Read More »

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Dealing with Bell’s Palsy

We have a facial nerve that stretches down each side of the face. These nerves allow us to laugh, smile, frown, and open and close our eyelids. Sometimes facial paralysis occurs when a person is Keep Reading ►
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