Plastic martini glasses

There is something about serving your guests refreshing martinis and cocktails or really any favourite beverage in these classy v shaped martini glass.

But yes, they are expensive especially when taking into account how fragile these are and how easy these tend to break, how many times have we ended up packing away fewer glasses than we had originally prepared on the bar…? 

This is where plastic martini cups come in they are cheap and strong and are now an increasingly popular item that has become an essential at parties and events of every kind from family gatherings or friend hangouts to weddings, drinking events and lavish outdoor functions. Plastic martini glasses are now even used in some licensed bars too.

We know what it means spending hours looking for cheap martini glasses for your event, perhaps you might be considering to hire them? Go for plastic instead and avoid all the hassle.  

So even if you on a tight budget or tight in time you will not have to compromise!

How strong are plastic martini glasses?

If you are used to serving or drinking in glass stemware you might think of plastic cups as unstable and cheap looking, the truth is though that good quality plastic martini glasses tend to be at least as strong as the real thing in fact plastic martini glasses will not break when dropped.

Our plastic martini glasses were cleverly designed as a 2 piece so that it is easy to store if you wish to do so. It can very easily be assembled by pressing the stem into the base and you are good to go! 

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