What can be baking paper used for?

Baking paper is Greaseproof, non-stick, heat and moisture resistant thanks to a coat of silicone which is known for being non-toxic and safe to use with food.

It is used for many things in the kitchen from oven cooking, lining baking pans and sheets or cake tins to laying on your worktop for effortless cleaning when seasoning your food or glazing, sprinkling and decorating a cake. It can also be reused depending on the temperature it was used.

Our parchment paper is siliconized on both sides so you do have a problem with placing food on the wrong side.

With the help of scissors, baking paper can also be used in different sized and more awkward shaped cake tins.

Many people get confused when it comes to buying baking paper between parchment paper and wax paper since the latter is also nonstick and greaseproof however it should not be used as baking paper as it is not heat resistant (don’t forget it is wax paper which actually has a coat of wax) and will in the best case, cause smoke if put in the oven and give a bad taste to the food. So remember to buy parchment paper if you are intending to use it for cooking or baking.

Bleached vs unbleached baking paper.
Another thing you will notice when you buy parchment paper is they tend to come in white and in brown colors. Both serve the same purpose and work exactly the same the only difference between the two colors is that the White one is a bleached paper while the Brown baking paper is not bleached which many people consider being a more healthy choice.

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